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Maria Vång

Maria Vång



Year of birth: 1980

Place of birth: Hallstahammar

Contact: +46 (0) 70 952 40 43
maria (at)

Play [plei] plays noun: A social activity that is carried out for entertainment, or for social or intellectual training. Children play in order to understand reality, themselves, their surroundings and to process impressions. Toys are their tools.

Playfulness is a vital ingredient in the way that I work and what I produce. The different contrasts in this process can create unexpected combinations, where humor and personality shine through in both the work process and the end product.

My project takes me back 20 years to the time of the ‘play age’ and to all of my childhood memories. The product of my journey focuses on the combination of play and learning through furniture for both young and old.

The return of the child’s brain!