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Pontus Söderström

Pontus Söderström



Year of birth: 1978

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 70 777 76 27
p_soderstrom99 (at)

In Contact with Nature – Sauna House

The background to my work comes from my having grown up spending every summer at the Årsta sea-bathing facility, which is thus a place close to my heart. The Årsta sea-bathing facility has gradually aged, and renovations are needed. How can money be raised for the area?

Through my researches at the Haninge Municipality town planning office I know that a new local plan for the area has been drawn up. To get the Årsta sea-bathing facility to flourish again, I want to start by improving the bathing area by adding a new sauna facility by the waterside. I have chosen to work in concrete, glass and wood in order to create a link to the surrounding countryside. The sauna facility is to be a meeting place for stormy autumn evenings, early summer mornings and sunny winter days. I hope I can embellish the area both architecturally and experientially.

I also hope to find time for a volume study for a proposed new hotel with an attached restaurant where a hotel used to stand in the 1930s. The aim is for the sauna facility to appeal to the owners of the land and the town planning office sufficiently for me to be able to continue work on the project after my exams.