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Zuzanna Trebska

Zuzanna Trebska



Title: Fun and Healthy City

Year of birth: 1982

Place of birth: Wrocław, Poland

Contact: +46 (0) 73 674 55 51
zuziat (at)

Fun and Healthy City

My projects through the years, as I see it, have mostly been about clean and simple design, united visually by geometrical streamlines and clarity of work, sometimes with a touch of playful expression.

In this project I want to invite people to walk more by creating creative, demanding and playful walkways and paths, where the body can be encouraged to work just a tiny bit harder, because walking is an environmentally friendly form of transportation, and also because it means exercise and fresh air. Walking can also be fun, which I think it should be; it allows people to stop, change direction and experience things.

Inspired by children’s playgrounds, my project is a clue to how adults may stay healthier in a city where too often healthy activities are confined to the gym or the sports field. Our urban spaces are not just for the purposes of work, tourism, retail and all those supposedly important things, but also for having fun, for letting go and being ourselves.