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Frida Björsell

Frida Björsell



Year of birth: 1976

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 70 734 05 51
frida.bjorsell (at)


Whilst preparing my degree project I read theories of heteronormativity and views of Others, resulting in the pictorial series By Her Side and the installation Looking Down on Myself. In the close interplay between practical activity and theoretical reading, important insights arose concerning how by using interpretative methods one can stage and make tangible hard-to-access formation of theories in school art teaching. Questions about how we choose to relate to the opportunities and boundaries of various disciplines have been included in the Masters thesis. Taking as my starting point a discursive philosophical study of the concepts of truth, intertextuality and language, I have examined what artistic scope can represent and include. The interpretative part of my degree project is a fictional text that simultaneously constitutes a methodological example of the way one can use this artistic scope. The double perspective means that the academic essay Spelrum, mellanrum, läranderum [Free Space, Interspace, Learning Space] and the literary interpretation Entropi – Att återvända [Entropy – Returning] interact and communicate with each other.