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Lina Ottilia Karlsson

Lina Karlsson



Year of birth: 1978

Place of birth: Vänersborg

Contact: +46 (0) 70 629 02 07

As a child I lived in a little village in Dalsland. Nothing strange about that! But in the 90s new people came to my little village. I found it exciting yet at the same time frightening and strange when they said where they came from and the circumstances they had lived under. They came from Kosovo, and I thought it was far, far away. When I was older I came to understand that the place was close to me, which felt frightening. It made me sad. 

In autumn 2007 I travelled to Kosovo to work on my degree project. For nearly three months I lived in the much-discussed town of Mitrovica, which is divided into north and south. I visited two secondary schools there – one in the northern, Serbian, side and one in the southern, Albanian, side. As part of my project the pupils were given the opportunity to express themselves visually, in film.

For me the work came to be about meetings, and about a place’s importance to identity and culture. It became an ethnographical and multidisciplinary project about interpreting your surroundings and your situation. Documentation using film, photos and drawings allowed me to see differences and similarities between the cultures I visited. I then analysed this material in a text that accompanies my interpretation.