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Marie Palm

Marie Palm



Year of birth: 1965

Place of birth: Härnösand

Contact: +46 (0) 70 343 29 24
marie.palm (at)

I work as an art, design and history teacher on an aesthetic program. Creation has always been an important part of me, and it’s where I get my energy from. The joy of creative work is something I wish to convey when teaching my pupils. 

In autumn 2007 I worked with eight third-year pupils on the aesthetic program on examination of interactive works in contemporary art. The pupils also take part in my artistic interpretation through involvement in a photo that paraphrases Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Their role is to represent female strength from a contemporary perspective. When I work on interpretation my works are often political and feminist, drawing inspiration from nature. In this work I wish to convey what is good and bright in life, and the fact that we as individuals can be involved in influencing the nature of our society. In this work observers are offered the opportunity to add or remove things on the basis of their own experiences.