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Ana Sikuljak

Ana Sikuljak



Year of birth: 1974

Place of birth: Belgrade, Serbia

Contact: +46 (0) 70 459 83 96
anasikuljak (at)

Myths, religion, cultural manifestations and social phenomena interest me. Making an impact in what for me are foreign worlds helps me see things differently. But for this work I’ve tried to stop and look at what surrounds me all the time and what I take for granted: my own pattern of life. The idea of making patterns from things that do not usually feature in these contexts appeals to me.

With my patterns I want to narrate the way I do with my illustrations and my three-dimensional works. I have an idea about patterns that are repeated like the verses of a song, created from rhythms and notes, but with a free text.

The most important part of this work has been letting go of all my own preconceived opinions about what a good pattern should be like and finding my own way in what I most want to do: pattern the world.