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Anna Ekholm

Anna Ekholm



Year of birth: 1978

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 73 251 25 95
annae8 (at)

Space is the Place
"Not High Tech – Crap Tech"

My work focuses on the development of a hobby aesthetic, like using acrylic yarn blended with wool, hobby felt and other materials rejected by design and handcraft circles to produce a shabby, unpolished effect.

I want to challenge the status and value charges of aesthetic expression and the definition of ‘good taste’. By crap tech, I mean their reference to science fiction and devotion to the 1960’s design and fluorescent colours, but with the imprecise and homemade appearance of handcraft, somewhat childish and naïve, with hand sewn, visible stitches that ‘clash’ with the geometry of op-art patterns and designs. There is a thrill and directness in what I am attracted to - teenagerish. An important reference is music culture in the form of flyers, posters, backdrops, visuals and album covers.

I want to combine traditional textile techniques with the designs and colours from the world of music. My project begins in Sun Ra’s experimental jazz film, Space is the Place from 1974. This film summarises everything I am looking for: 1960’s futuristic design with a crap tech handmade finish - papier maché spaceships and crazy coloured pharaoh costumes. My goal is to create a world of images and aesthetics. I want to create an installation with rooms, clothes and sculpture with textile materials and expression. The film and title communicate the initiated alternative musical context that underlies my work.

¹ Archigram Architects