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Anna-Karin Malmsten

Anna-Karin Malmsten



Year of birth: 1976

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 73 977 59 62
annakarin.malmsten (at)

Bandhagen’s Drapery

I collect titbits, sample parts of my surroundings, in order to compose a new piece – things I encounter in my everyday life that I can use in my creative work. They act as my work material, my pen, when I create patterns and forms.

I find my driving force in the directness to the material, and in the limitation that entails. I’m released from ingrained patterns and ways of thinking, thus helping me find new solutions. I’m fascinated and inspired by the idea of already existing things that have perhaps lost their original value becoming part of something new.

In my degree project Bandhagens Manufaktur [Bandhagen’s Drapery] I work on a collection of things I’ve inherited from a closed-down shop. Simple mass-produced products are divested of their role as everyday objects and appear in new compositions. They work under cover in a new context.