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Bergström & Avén

What use textiles in artistic practice? Anything at all, actually – textiles are material. They are materials with a very tangible presence in our everyday life – materials that we clothe our bodies with and surround ourselves with in our homes. Throughout history and in all cultures textiles have been present as a both functional and expressive material – replete with social and cultural charges, associations and possibilities. A number of different fields of artistic activity are associated with textiles, and every field is characterised by its specific networks and structures, its conditions and prerequisites.

The Department of Textile has a breadth that is unique of its kind. The students work side by side in the fields of design, art and fashion. They must not only relate to existing contexts but also challenge traditional boundaries. During the course it is crucial that they find their own artistic approach and define and design strategies for their mode of operation and their chosen professional role and context.

In the degree project, the students have to try and find their position and adopt their own stance. It also calls for active involvement on various arenas outside the college. This year’s departing students, at both Masters and Bachelors level, have done precisely this – not least during their final term. During the year, depending on their specialization, they have selected various contexts in which to present themselves. In a series of exhibitions, shows and events the public have encountered textile design, fashion and art.

Here at the Degree exhibitions we encounter projects involving clear senders, stories and intentions. We see reflections on fashion, and the way clothes interact with the body and movement. Textile design based on examination of students’ own methods, textile handicraft techniques, industrial technology and picturesque expression. Art projects that challenge the boundaries between design and art, user perspectives and art artefacts.

Inger Bergström, Professor of Free Interpretation, specializing in textiles
Elisabet Yanagisawa Avén, Lecturer in Fashion /Costume