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Hana Park

Hana Park



Year of birth: 1978

Place of birth: Incheon, Korea

Contact: (at)

I primarily work with the actual cloth, specializing in textiles for interior design. In order to achieve a special and innovative surface I’m experimenting with various techniques and materials. I have more ideas and a lot more happens when I’m working on the material directly with my hands. The theme of nature is what I’m most inspired by – I gather interesting structures and shapes from it.

In my degree project I examine my method – how I express and interpret nature to form textile products. In this instance I’ve selected a pine tree as my point of departure. What do branches, bark, cones and pine needles look like in my textile world and how do I interpret them?

I’m planning to go back home to Korea after my course to work as a textile designer. I also wish to continue seeking to bring about cultural and design exchanges between Sweden and Korea.