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Hanna Johansson Frostell

Hanna Johansson Frostell



Year of birth: 1983

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 73 999 00 17
hannafrostell (at)

I Can’t Run in This!
- An Investigative Project Expressed through Garments

Clothing yourself in a garment is like clothing yourself in movements. My project explores the everyday and unconscious choreographies that are generated by clothes. A skirt limits and dictates the wearer’s movements because of its physical form, but also because of the historical and cultural values it represents. What happens when wearers unconditionally accept the stagnated rules of garments?

Through a series of documented workshops, I have let dancers explore and deconstruct the function and significance of traditional garments, to reveal the role that unconscious movements play and use them to construct a new approach. The research project is documented and presented through a collection of garments, and a film showing some of the process.