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Hanna Nyman

Hanna Nyman



Year of birth: 1981

Place of birth: Västerås

Contact: +46 (0) 70 795 63 74
info (at)

I Was Here – Try It, You’ll Like It

I work with products and patterns that change. Tension arises when something that was ‘merely’ beautiful is suddenly transformed into something new or acquires an unexpected function. The product gains a new dimension and becomes smart as well as beautiful. I designed some wallpaper in 2006 where the pattern emerged from the paper’s surface and became three dimensional. The 3d origami sculptures could be moved around to create patterns on top of the pattern.

People often tell me that my designs are poetic, but I don’t understand what they mean. If I am unconsciously poetic, what happens when I consciously use poetry for my inspiration? I use design to tell a story. My work is narrative rather than functional. Poetry is also narrative – a feeling.