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Helena Hertov

Helena Hertov



Year of birth: 1980

Place of birth: Falkenberg

Contact: +46 (0) 73 725 03 86
helena (at)

In 2007 I recorded the film Feeders, which depicts a fusion of two worlds. In a pigsty between concrete and steel pipes models walk up the central gangway between the pigs, as if on a catwalk.

Feeders in part plays with boundaries, but above all it deals with the role of the producer. How do you relate to today’s rational mass consumption society with its call for low prices, whilst at the same time maintaining all the ethical rules regarding the environment and the living beings affected by production, regardless of whether you are a human or an animal?

Following industrialization there no longer remain such clear bonds with consumers, thus through their lack of knowledge many people lose their understanding of the work that is required and the actual value of the goods they consume.

The work I’m presenting at the spring exhibition is a development of these issues, whereby I’ve chosen to use to the buffet table as a metaphor for our abundance or freedom of choice.