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Karin Welin

Karin Welin



Year of birth: 1975

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 70 952 73 26
info (at)

Credits: Nordifa

The common theme in my works is the fact that they are based on a story and a will to create a mood through a story. In my degree project I’m working on carpets, both tangible and material, whilst at the same time moving on an existential plane and wanting to hold a discussion on ownership and objects – a series of carpets that are related but have different inner wills.

My daughter asks the spices in the kitchen ‘Hello, how are you?’ when she lifts them out of the drawer, and then puts them back. How often do we adults reflect on the things around us? For children, objects are often animated. Children sometimes find it hard to separate fantasy from reality. My approach to the carpets is my own fantasy world, where everything is possible.