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Katarina Bryggare

Katarina Bryggare



Year of birth: 1977

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 70 725 84 69
kbryggare (at)

A Hundred Songs for Dalecarlia

Some people must live close to the sea, but not me. I long for the sweet, dark water of lakes, to tarns flanked by tufts of grass and floating moss, to the compact, whispering darkness of the spruce forest. I want to follow animal tracks in the moss, sit in the dry heat of the sauna and then bathe in the hole in the ice that I cut by the jetty. On dark autumn evenings when I go down the path to the sauna I can’t see the path – I feel it, know every step, every protruding root. I’m safe.

In my degree project Hundra sånger för Dalarna [A Hundred Songs for Dalecarlia] I deal with the boundary between image and pattern. Silhouettes are my signature, southern Dalecarlia’s forests my inspiration and its animals my friends.