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Magnus Carlsson

Magnus Carlsson



Year of birth: 1977

Place of birth: Halmstad

Contact: +46 (0) 70 957 19 26

His Privilege

Clothes are probably the best form of expression I know. Without saying a word and without asking permission I can show thoughts and adopt a stance by wearing them. Unlike most forms of expression you don’t need much to achieve a powerful effect.

It fascinates me that I can actually dress how I want and show myself wherever and to whomever I want. I find that the field of fashion includes all clothes in one way or another – you can’t assert that you’re outside trends and aesthetics.

My design is based on things I don’t like, e.g. certain types of clothes and political opinions. I choose to work on one garment, e.g. a light-blue shirt, until I find something I can accept and maybe like. In other instances I use garments that I like and that reinforce or exaggerate what is significant for the garment.

I dislike using the word fashion in connection with my clothes, as I don’t wish to be associated with the texts and articles about fashion on many blogs and in fashion magazines. For me, fashion is something important – something more than who’s wearing what when. I’d like there to be an increase in the awareness that you wear clothes and what that can mean.