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Martha Johansson

Martha Johansson



Year of birth: 1983

Place of birth: Umeå

Contact: +46 (0) 73 154 88 93
marthajohansson (at)

With No Ideas as My Inspiration

I want to tend a garden of fantasies. I want to plant lots of ideas, water them and watch them grow. Different seeds have different qualities, some are so small that they hardly are visible, some have a short use-by date and some can be stored for a long, long time. There is no guarantee that the biggest and most beautiful seeds will produce the biggest and most beautiful flowers.

My ideas often appear from all different directions. Sometimes they are in my own head. In this project, I am observant and make a note of where, when and how they happen.

I bring the seeds I gather into the present and real world. My work often consists of parallel worlds where two events unfold alongside of each other, independent of time and space. Sometimes I use them both, sometimes I use one to create the other.