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Mathilda Almer

Mathilda E Almer



Year of birth: 1980

Place of birth: Ängelholm

Contact: +46 (0) 73 576 52 41
mathilda.almer (at)


Structures, shapes, colours and designs using various techniques and materials interest me. I operate within the area interior design/products. Kalejdoskop [Kaleidoscope] is the title of my Masters project, and the word comes from Greek. Kalos means beautiful, eidos = shape, pattern and skop = view. My subtitle is Mönstringar och djup [Patternings and Depth].

I examine and build up three-dimensional patterns involving geometric shapes executed in various materials and using various techniques. Together they create structures and shadow plays, formed as a result of the way the light falls, and a further pattern is created. I see the work as an interior-design project seen through a kaleidoscope, where repeated shapes form a changing whole. Mirrors reflect light and patterns from the other structures. People in the room become part of the interior design through the reflection.